Did You See This?

Why Do Female Action Heroes Always Do This?

Black Widow, Mystique, and the “between-my-legs takedown.”

There are many female action heroes kicking ass in movies these days, but one of their favored moves smacks of sexism.

“Why Do Action Heroines Do This?” This short video above from Dominick Nero and Fandor Keyframe shows that female action heroes fight with their legs and thighs while their male counterparts don’t. We see Black Widow and Mystique do what Nero dubs the “Between My Legs Takedown,” wrapping their legs around a baddie to take him (or her) down. Their bodies are sexualized in their costumes and in combat. As Nero asks, is this move even practical, or is it just an excuse for a woman to wrap her thighs around someone’s neck?