Did You See This?

Just Your Average Video of Two Blind Rescue Cats

Enjoying their new lives.

At first glance, this video seems to show a couple of everyday cats doing everyday cat things. But both Petunia (the black-and-white feline) and Frito (the orange one) are blind. It’s a little unbelievable to see how they play.

Cats are remarkable creatures in many ways—you try jumping over five feet straight up from a standing position—and their sense of hearing is extraordinary, clearly a factor in how Petunia and Frito catch a ball. And then there’s the whiskers, which are actually touch receptors that allow a feline to feel its way through spaces, even in the dark.

Prior to adoption, Petunia and Frito were residents at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, an acclaimed no-kill rescue organization in the red canyons of Kanab, Utah. Best Friends has lots of animals, healthy and with special needs, and their goal is to prepare them all for adoption.