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Remember American Apparel’s Signature Aesthetic by Buying a Velvet Crop Top in Its Fire Sale

American Apparel, which declared bankruptcy in 2015 and sold its remaining assets to a Canadian firm last week, made a number of well-designed, well-made basics: leggings, T-shirts, hoodies, underwear. But that’s not what the purveyor of domestically manufactured clothes will be remembered for. Rather, American Apparel will be remembered for its pervy founder, its pseudo-pornographic advertising, and its subset of delightfully impractical garments. For every classic, universally flattering T displayed in a given American Apparel outlet, there was a shiny body suit, plunging V-neck dress, or cutout crop top that seemed contrived to make even the most attractive body look ridiculous.

Now, as American Apparel is offering a coupon code for a 40-percent discount on every item on its website in its company-wide fire sale, some of these ill-thought-out designs can be purchased for a song. I trawled through the site’s sale section to find a few perplexing items that are marked way down even before you apply the 40-percent discount. If you’re looking for a keepsake to remember American Apparel’s signature aesthetic by, consider one of these. (All current prices listed below reflect the 40-percent discount, and prices and availability are obviously subject to change.)

Striped 2x1 Rib Keyhole Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Originally $38; now $11.40

American Apparel

They say horizontal stripes make you look wider, which is why it makes perfect sense to put them on what is essentially a skintight swimsuit with sleeves.

Printed Cotton Spandex Suspender Catsuit
Originally $39; now $12

American Apparel

Are you a mime looking to show off your feline side? Have I got a garment for you!

Harper Wide Leg Jumpsuit
Originally $75; now $34.20

American Apparel

God help the woman who gets her period while wearing this one-piece.

Sloan Cutout Top
Originally $39; now $18

American Apparel

For all those annoying times when your shoulders and sternum are too hot but your neck is too cold.

Velvet Crop Tee
Originally $36; now $10.80

American Apparel

Presumably intended for women who want to enjoy the holiday festiveness of velvet but live near the equator.

Shiny Sleeveless Crop Top
Originally $35; now $3

American Apparel

You read that right: This form-fitting metallic confection can now be had for less than one-eleventh of its original price—possibly because it is flattering to only one-eleventh of American Apparel’s target audience.