The 2016 Slate Gift Guide Is Here!

Ideas for everyone on your list from the staff of Slate.

holiday gift guide.

Photo illustration by Slate. Images via Amazon

Welcome to Slate’s 2016 Gift Guide! Last year, we started a new holiday tradition: We asked our staff to name one item they’d given or received over the course of the year that had brought them and their loved ones the most joy. The result was a great list of gift ideas, and also a behind-the-scenes look at a few of Slate’s favorite things. It was so much fun that we decided to do it again this year.


Like last year’s, the 2016 guide draws on Slate’s collective wisdom, consumer intelligence, and counterintuitive playfulness. There are arguments for interesting edibles, such as fennel-pollen sea salt and Lingham’s Hot Sauce, and even a strong case from staff writer Leon Neyfakh in favor of (very good) instant coffee. There are tips for better ways to listen to music and podcasts—at home or on your bike—and suggestions for what to listen to. And there are also plenty of ideas that will improve the productivity and everyday life of the folks on your list: be it a garlic peeler, a better weather app, or a Tub Shroom, which will eliminate your hair-in-the-drain problems for all time.

The guide provides suggested gifts at a range of price points, from a couple bucks up through $700. With 55 items to choose from, you have plenty to consider—and you’ll know that the folks at Slate have already tested and loved all of these items. Dive in and enjoy.