Did You See This?

Studio Ghibli in the Real World

Beloved characters unleashed on Seoul.

Master Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki “retired” in 2013, but you’d be forgiven if you never quite believed him. His Studio Ghibli creations are more popular than ever—there’s currently a chance to see one of his classics, Spirited Away, on the big screen—and longtime rumors came true last month with reports that Miyazaki is working on a new movie.

In the meantime, enthusiasts can enjoy this wonderful video from Korean filmmaker Kojer, which releases some of Studio Ghibli’s most popular characters out into the real world.


From the moment the video opens with Ponyo running across a river in Seoul’s Hangang Park, it feels like its own brand-new Miyazaki movie filled with our favorite characters. The moving “One Summer’s Day,” from Spirited Away, completes the effect. Watching that movie’s Sen ride a real Seoul subway seems totally natural—never mind that she’s got her little magical friends with with her. Adorable spirit Totoro plays in a city park.

Kojer has done a beautiful job here. One of Miyazaki’s themes has always been the intermingling of people and magical spirits in the real world, and this visit with these old friends is as evocative as it gets.