Open Source Holiday

Honest Holiday Cards for 2016

When midnight comes on New Year’s Eve, chances are good that most of us will be toasting to tell 2016 good riddance a little more than we will be to welcome 2017. There are many reasons 2016 sucked, Donald Trump’s election being prominent among them. And so, as we head into the final, supposedly merry weeks of the year, it’s natural to feel a little emotional whiplash, a sense that the typical well-wishes and festive greetings are a touch off-key.

But fear not! We here at Slate are pleased to offer you a solution to this problem: A set of the most honest holiday greeting cards our staff could devise. Feel free to share them online or in print, and join us in leaning into the maddening gauntlet of cognitive dissonance that is Holiday Season 2016.

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