Did You See This?

Pillow Talk

A man records himself talking in his sleep, to hilarious and alarming results.

For years, filmmaker and editor Adam Rosenberg has been told that he talks in his sleep. This video reveals the bizarre stuff he learned about his subconscious when he mounted a handheld Zoom H4n audio recorder over his bed. (The mic you see in the video suspended over a pretend-sleeping Rosenberg is a reenactment—the audio you hear and see transcribed is all real.)

This kind of sleep talk is known as “somniloquy” to doctors, a form of abnormal sleep behavior. It may be associated with dreaming. Or not. It’s really not clear, and it can occur during any stage of sleep.

If you sleep alone, it’s no biggie, and apparently recording it can give you a perplexing peek deep into your psyche. If you don’t, your partner’s liable to find it (a) hilarious, (b) disturbing, (c) annoying, or (d) all of the above, as we understand better after seeing this video.