Did You See This?

China From the Sky

Watch a breathtaking drone tour.

Traveling videographer Stef Hoffer had been to China before, but when he returned for a three-month visit this year, he brought along his drone.* The video above is the spectacular result.

Overhead images like this could only be captured in China. The video traverses China’s incredibly diverse terrain, from the unearthly spires of Zhangjiajie prefecture to the dramatic windswept dunes near Dunhuang, from the knee-trembling span of Aizhai Bridge to the sanguine Buddha rising above the forest at the Po Lin Monastery by the sea in Hong Kong. The gigantic scale of the images alone is breathtaking.

*Correction, Dec. 27, 2016: An earlier version of this post misidentified Stef Hoffer as female. He is male.