Did You See This?

Feline Navidad

Cats destroy ornate Christmas decorations in this clever parody of yuletide ad clichés.

This commercial for Temptations cat treats is a sly, chaos-driven parody of the yuletide clichés that are supposed to warm our hearts and make us buy stuff at this “most wonderful time of the year.”

Starring possibly the only animal that thrives on being teased and frustrated, cats, the ad cleverly captures the explosive feline joy that can be ignited only through the destruction of every object of value in sight. Especially if it moves like it’s alive. Moving objects are just asking for it.

In this insistently heartwarming season, the spot favors adorable mayhem over the easy, dewy-eyed sentiment we’ve come to expect from holiday ads. Besides, with those twinkling lights, the tree had it coming.