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Lesbian Motorcyclists Delivering Donor Breast Milk Are the Absolute Best

Role models for us all.

New York Post

Proving that lesbians in leather are truly the solution to life’s most pressing quandaries, the New York Post has produced a lovely video about a women’s motorcycle group that has started delivering donor breast milk to babies who need it.

According to Julie Bouchet-Horowitz, the head of Hastings-on-Hudson’s New York Milk Bank, motorcycles are the best way to get breast milk in and out of Manhattan, cutting through traffic backup in time for fresh deliveries to hungry infants. And if you’re going to get your baby’s milk from a biker, wouldn’t you want it to be from a gentle butch in a bucket hat or a tough dyke with a domino neck tattoo? Yes, you would.

The milk deliverers are members of the Sirens Women’s Motorcycle Club, a New York–based group founded in 1986. The club’s logo is a mermaid lifting a labrys, as I’m sure you’ve guessed. In the video, members note that in men’s bike clubs, women are only allowed to join as “property” of men in the group. Not so in the Sirens, where women respect one another and support each others’ dreams and help each other pick out the coolest vest patches and make babies’ lives better.

“Boy, these are ‘badass women,’ you know?” Bouchet-Horowitz says, making air quotes around the money phrase. “It just seemed like such a great idea to be able to employ their services to help us.”

This milk delivery stuff is burnishing the Sirens’ already-golden reputation as role models in their communities. “Little girls, when they see us on the road, they light up, like, ‘wow, we can ride motorcycles like that?’” one of the Sirens remarks in the video. “So I think when we deliver breast milk it’s gonna be even that much cooler.” Keep up the stealth recruitment campaign, gals.