What Does a President Look Like?

Ask a kid to draw one.

Photo illustration by Slate. Drawings by Slate readers.

On Slate’s parenting podcast, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, we’ve been talking to lots of parents about how they’re feeling about the election. One thing that amazes many parents is that their kids have never known a president who looked like the presidents in history books—and if Hillary Clinton wins, that’ll change the model for what a president can look like yet again. On our Facebook page, we asked listeners to have their kids draw “what a president looks like.” Some of our favorite results—plus a few from our own kids—are below. Ask your son or daughter or niece or neighbor to draw a president, and let us know what that kid comes up with!

Cy, age 8.

“Max, age 9! Teddy Pumpkin for Prez! Note: Halloween is still on the brain on Nov. 1.”

Emma, age 5.

Veronica, age 6.

Lola, age 6.

Flynn, age 5.

“Clarissa, age 6, drew this president. It is a woman.”

“Never gonna be president”: Hamilton superfan Lyra, age 11, drew Daveed Diggs as Jefferson.

Obamas: Harper, age 9.

Alaina, age 9.

“Ernestine, age 8. I asked her, ‘If you had a name for your president, what would it be?’ When she was done she said, ‘George Washington.’ ”

Eli, age 8. “I was trying to do George Washington from the $1 bill.”

“That’s Cleo’s. And that’s not HRC, that’s Cleo when she’s president.”

Oscar, age 4, and Finn, age 10. “Both drew old men. Or maybe Oscar drew a Terrance and Phillip guy. Not sure.”

Ruth, age 6. “She is yellow because Ruth couldn’t find a peach crayon. Complete with freckles!”

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