Did You See This?

Fly Through Every Corner of the International Space Station

With this ultra-HD NASA tour.

We’ve seen many videos from the International Space Station, but fewer of the ISS itself. NASA just released this spectacularly high-def video tour of the craft’s interior.

If you were picturing 2001’s immaculately tidy environment, the chaotic feng shui of the ISS is surprising—there’s (no doubt very expensive) crap everywhere. But that’s OK. Everything is a floor and a ceiling in space (and a wall). Plus, there’s no reason to pack things as if they’ll fall over; floating away is more of an issue, and lots of things are therefore tethered. Tech and toothpaste are of equal importance up here, and it’s all scrambled together to make optimal use of space.

The ISS isn’t as claustrophobic as one might suspect, either, and it even looks like it’s possible to get some alone time in an out-of-the-way module if you want it. Which raises an interesting point about the video: Where is everybody?