All the Art in London in One Day

A filmmaker tries to see every work of art in London in a single day.

When Art Fund UK proposed an impossible mission—view every piece of art in London in one day—ad agency 101 London convinced filmmaker Alex Gorosh to give it a try. Armed with only a National Art Pass, a 10-hour window, and intrepid determination, Gorosh set out exploring.

Produced by Jack Beardsley and Hungry Man Productions, the film is an offbeat journey through some of the world’s most hallowed institutions. Gorosh blows through miles of art in record time, but with more than 20 million works of art spread out over 92 museum and galleries, it’s a race against the clock to see everything. Even Gorosh’s genetic predisposition for power walking (his great-grandfather was a speed walker in the Senior Olympics until he was 99) may not be enough to get him through this one.