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Rihanna’s “Rih” Puns Are One of the True Joys of Instagram

Rihanna indulges in some coquetterih at the State Farm All-Star Saturday Night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on February 14, 2015. 

Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

I think we all can agree on the following: Rihanna is both a great pop star and a great follow on Instagram. Rihanna isn’t one of those celebrities who’s concerned with projecting a perfect image at all times, so her Insta account (the wonderfully named @badgalriri) is full of personality, attitude, shots of her butt cheeks, weird fan art, and silly captions.

One of the best things Rihanna does on Instagram is pun on her name. Perhaps you noticed this week, when she posted a video of herself in Paris (for fashion week, of course) and labeled it #PaRih? Yeah, she renamed a city after herself, and you loved it. Who else but Rihanna could, would pun with such abandon? Only a woman who is admiral of her own fan-navy, that’s who.


These instances of Rihanna-rihlated wordplay are rare and beautiful, so we’ve taken the liberty of going through two years of Rihanna’s Instagram and collecting them here. Let them wash over you as you envision a world where English evolves toward replacing all instances of the “re” sound with “rih,” to better acknowledge Rihanna’s supremacy.

Here’s the aforementioned PaRih gram. Because when Rihanna is in Paree, it’s really not the same city it was.

And that’s not the only time Rihanna improved Paris:

She even finds a way to integrate her punning into the products she’s hawking. Need more Rihanna-designed sneakers? Time to Rih-up!

She also has her own special way of reposting others’ grams that she particularly likes: It’s a RIHpost!


Normal people have memories. When Rihanna has them, they’re memoRIHs.

When she achieves something great, she makes histoRIH!

Same deal for prepping for a performance: That’s RIHhearsal.

Remember that one time she was a RastafaRIHan?

She left Instagram at one point and came back, hence: the rihtern.

Weren’t those great? Rihanna is a master punster. And to be honest, she doesn’t do it enough—Rihanna is a prolific ‘grammer, but her “rih”-pun-per-‘gram ratio remains very low. To that end, here are a few ideas for puns Rihanna should consider making on Instagram in the future:

  • potterih: Rihanna takes up a new hobby and makes some sweet vases.
  • chemistrih: Rihanna in a lab coat with goggles and some test tubes.
  • rihdacted: Black marker in hand, Rihanna removes classified information from government documents.
  • rihtired: The singer kicks back with some grandparents in a Florida community for senior citizens.
  • rihgatta: Rihanna attends a fancy boat race.
  • rihcotta: Rihanna starts her own line of cheeses.
  • eurihkah: Rihanna has a personal breakthrough.
  • topiarih: Rihanna stands beside a bush that has been skillfully shaped in her image.
  • Hillarih: Rihanna endorses the Democratic candidate for the presidency, but still kind of makes it about her.
  • charcuterih: Rihanna enjoys some cured meats.
  • tomfoolerih: Rihanna engages in her usual silly antics.