Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Mom and Dad Are Fighting: The Mom’s With Her Edition

Listen to Slate’s parenting podcast on the AAP’s new screen-time recommendations and how moms of girls feel about Hillary.

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In this week’s parenting podcast, Slate editors Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois talk to Lisa Guernsey about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new screen-time recommendations. Then, we talk to moms of girls from around the U.S.A. about how they’re feeling about the upcoming Hillary Clinton presidency, and how they’re talking to their daughters about it. Plus parenting triumphs and fails, recommendations, and a listener call from a divorced parent about moving away.


This week on Slate Plus, Slate’s L.V. Anderson discusses her findings on what age is Normal to stop dressing up for Halloween.


Items discussed on the show:


Dan recommends that every 16-year-old in America see the movie Moonlight. Here’s Dana Stevens’ review.

Allison recommends the Hillary Clinton Presidential Playset and the sport—not yet in the Olympics, but surely soon—of air hockey.

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