Did You See This?

Whale Cam

A new suction-cupped camera shows what whales do underwater.

This video gives us a sneak peek into what goes on with humpback and blue whales after they dive out of sight beneath the waves. Researchers from Stanford University have developed a camera which perches securely on a whale’s back with a simple suction cup, allowing us to witness firsthand how these behemoths feed, swim, and live under the sea.

One of the more amazing things captured above is how these whales eat—something that’s long been known but never seen so clearly and dramatically. First, they gather massive amounts of water and prey into their mouths, and then push the water out through their brush-like baleens, all while holding firmly onto their food trapped inside.

Most whales, like these rorquals, spend so much of their time out of sight, deep below the ocean surface that the introduction of these cameras is bound to keep revealing new leviathan secrets.