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Believe It or Not, Donald Trump Handled Childbirth in a Somewhat Sweet Way

Marla Maples and Donald Trump in 1993.

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One of the loudest and most unavoidable narratives in the 2016 election cycle has been the claim that neither candidate understands the everyman, that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are exceedingly disconnected from what that an average American experiences on a day-to-day basis. So when a not-so-awful and actually almost kind of human tale about one of the candidates surfaces, it’s hard not to get excited. Even when the story involves a behind-the-scenes look at the birthing process of one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives.

On Monday, the Daily Beast uncovered a whole treasure trove of details on Marla Maples—the second Mrs. Donald Trump—via several interviews and an incredibly aptly titled Lifetime biopic, Intimate Portrait. The most poignant details in the story come where you’d least expect it: From Maples’ experience giving birth to her daughter, Tiffany Trump. According to the Daily Beast,

Marla took “a spiritual approach to her delivery,” her Ob-GYN told Lifetime. In a candle-filled hospital room, Marla listened to her New Age music and used aromatherapy and massage to ride the waves of her contractions. Marla said she and Donald “did a lot of kissing while I was delivering.” Donald even cut the cord.

That’s right, noted germaphobe and misogynist Donald Trump was not only present in the room for the birth of his daughter, but also provided his then-wife with the physical and emotional support that she needed in the midst of labor. For most husbands, doing whatever you can to help your wife through childbirth is a basic duty, but for the world’s most famous narcissist, it seems like a superhuman feat.

Were this any other day in any other year in any other election cycle, I think this detail is one that I would rather not have heard or thought about. It’s gross to think about Trump kissing anyone—and boy, is it going to take a lot of work to get the mental picture out of my head. But knowing that Trump didn’t shy away from the gruesome reality of childbirth makes him seem ever-so-slightly more human, if only for a moment.