Did You See This?

IKEA’s Clever Ad Spoofing Its Social Media-Obsessed Customers

An 18th-century family goes in search of likes.

This commercial from IKEA shows a clever self-awareness about how tethered its customers have become to technology. One can’t sit down for a meal (or visit a furniture store) without someone pulling out his phone, opening Instagram, and sharing it with the world. The above ad is for anyone who’s been told, “Wait, let me get a picture first.”

Once, of course, there were no camera phones. So the only way to capture and share the moment would have been for oil and canvas to enter the equation. The ad uses that conceit to expose how ridiculous the whole habit is. After being told to wait before chowing down, an artist would have had been summoned to paint the feast. And then, upon finishing, the painting would be ushered around town for approval—a literal representation of “likes.” Before, finally, arriving back home, allowing everyone to eat.

Remember eating before it was a social-driven competition? Ah, well, those days are gone. Well played, IKEA.