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This Artist Created a Simple Game to Play on Your Commute

It’s not a game you can play on your phone.

Your daily commute is boring. You probably find yourself listlessly looking at your phone. Even if you take a bus or a train, you’re so used to your route that looking out the window doesn’t hold much entertainment.

Daniel Disselkoen, interactive artist at Headmade, is shaking up the daily commute in Amsterdam with a simple, but entertaining, game for the city’s public trams. The game, called GVBeestje, consists of a sticker depicting a little creature with mouth wide open placed on the window, and another with instructions placed in front of the seat. There is only one objective: catch as many passerby as possible in the critter’s mouth by moving your head. It’s like a video game, but in real life.

As the video shows, the commuters are surprisingly delighted by the low-tech game, putting down their phones and newspapers to play. And why wouldn’t they? It’s a wonderful way to take a break from the screens that dominate our lives. And since commuters can only play GVBeestje on the tram, they might even find themselves looking forward to the daily commute.