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Jerome Comes Home

A happy ending for a young calf.

This video tells the story of one determined young calf’s mission to find a new family. His name is Jerome, and the story unfolds at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter in Watkins Glen, New York.

Jerome came to Farm Sanctuary from a small dairy herd at just 10 days old. A dairy worker had fallen in love with him and couldn’t bear to see the little guy suffer the fate of many male dairy calves: being raised in confinement crates and ultimately sold as veal.

Farm Sanctuary tried pairing Jerome with another recent arrival, Liz, who was nursing her own calf, Cashew. Though Liz was at first perplexed by the hungry interloper, Jerome persisted, pouring on the bovine charm until Liz finally relented and accepted him as her own—an animal rescue story with a happy ending.