Did You See This?

These Stunning Designs in the Norwegian Mountains Are Made Entirely by Snowshoe

Artist Simon Beck walks out snow art, one step at a time.

This video by Sindre Kinnerød and Audun Fjeldheim shows us the fantastic artwork created by Simon Beck in snow. As complex and beautiful as his patterns are, they are, of course, temporary. That being the case, the producers of this video are letting us in on something few will ever see.

Beck creates the work using snowshoes, tramping back and forth in frigid solitude across the mountain snowfields of Stryn, Norway, for this particular piece. Each of his creations take him roughly 11 chilly hours and 25 miles of walking, and are about 100 square meters large. To ensure that the designs are perfectly executed, he uses a baseplate compass and a prismatic compass, as well as carefully chosen socks, snowshoes, and boots. It’s cold out there.

With each snow piece being so punishing to create, it seems only fair that Beck should get to produce beach art, too.