Did You See This?

Welcome to the Fourth Grade

A new teacher’s catchy music video starts the school year off right.

This video cheerfully welcomes new fourth-graders to Mr. Reed’s class in Chicago. Dwayne Reed, that is, a new teacher who wants his students as excited about the coming year as he is. “Welcome to the 4th Grade,” was directed by Ty Gotham.

This is Mr. Reed’s first year teaching, and he’s clearly very pumped about his entry into education. His enthusiasm is a good reminder of how important good teachers are to our kids, and how important it is that we support them. “Have respect for each other, and don’t forget me,” he raps, also putting in a good word for the staff and the school. Reed packs in all the usual warnings and rules, but so sweetly you barely notice.

Some education experts and parents are concerned that elementary school students are being worked too hard with the current singleminded focus on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). In many classrooms, promoting a basic love of learning has seemingly gotten lost. It’s clear Mr. Reed won’t be making that mistake.