The XX Factor

A Hard Look at the Trump-Pence Campaign’s Penetrating New Logo

“Where does my finger go?”

Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

In Trump University Branding 101, by one Donald Trump and Donald Sexton, our business guru advises that while “you do not need a graphic design house to develop your logo … you do need to be sure that your logo leads to the attributes you want associated with your brand.” Sage advice, surely, and the kind of Trumpian insight we can see on full display in the new logo for his campaign with vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence, released today. 

Without question, no serious design house was involved in the making of this logo. Why pay the markup when an intern can throw it together in Microsoft Paint? And, better still, it very accurately conveys the attributes Trump wants associated with his political and personal brand—namely, that he has a penis and he uses it to screw people.

It doesn’t take a degree in gender studies to suss out what the rigid base of Trump’s virile T plowing into the receptive circle of Pence’s P connotes. He may be forced by convention to choose a running mate to occasionally share the stage, but in this relationship, Trump is on top. That he has chosen to thrust his dom top power preference onto the American flag itself ably signals what he intends for our country. We will take his leadership, and we will like it.

To be fair, referring to America in the feminine is a common practice, so you can’t really fault Trump for bringing his manhood into his campaign to subdue her. I do wonder how Pence feels about being portrayed as a voracious bottom, given his noted history of hostility to both women and LGBTQ people. But the 2016 contest is just getting started! If this logo is any indication, we can look forward to a veritable jackhammer of penetrating messaging from Trump, right through to the climax in November.