Wait, Rubio’s Video Appearance Reminded Us of Something

Of a hostage video, to be precise.

We couldn’t help but notice Wednesday night that Marco Rubio’s odd appearance-by-video at the Republican National Convention bore a certain similarity to a scene from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. In that film, Peeta Mellark has been taken hostage and is forced to deliver a propaganda video warning of the dangers of joining Katniss Everdeen and rising up against the Capitol.

Similarly, Rubio appeared in the convention hall on a large video screen and warned of the dangers of joining Hillary Clinton and rising up against Donald Trump. But did something look off? See his vacant eyes, his nervous lip-licking. … Is Rubio there by choice?

In Mockingjay, though, the rebels in District 13 were able to infiltrate the Capitol’s feed and insert their own propaganda video—which got through to Peeta just enough and in the end, he shouted out a warning that saved Katniss and District 13. Alas, the anti-Trump rebels of the GOP were unable to get to Rubio in that way.

We’ve tried to imagine what that would have looked like had it happened.