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Dear Prudence Is Starting a Podcast

And it’s just for Slate Plus members. 

Over the years, Slate’s Prudence has solved many problems: What to do if your mother-in-law is terrible. What to do if your dog is terrible. What to do if you are terrible. But it’s not until this week that she’s been able to conquer one lingering predicament that has bedeviled Dear Prudence fans—the lack of a dedicated Prudie podcast. Starting today, Mallory Ortberg will produce a weekly Prudence podcast for Slate Plus members.

It won’t surprise Mallory’s readers to learn that she’s a podcast natural. It’s delightful to hear her consider readers’ conundrums in real time. And the show features a range of segments, including questions from listeners, banter about life’s dilemmas with fascinating guests, all-purpose wisdom (yes, you should accept that proffered glass of water when you go for a job interview), and advice for people in the news (with “news” broadly defined to include all of history, literature, and art).

The full weekly Dear Prudence podcast will be ad-free and available exclusively to Slate Plus members. Members can hear the pilot today; nonmembers, click that link to sign up. Starting with Episode 3, we’ll be releasing short excerpts of each episode on iTunes so that all fans of Dear Prudence and Mallory Ortberg can get a taste. But the full, ad-free experience will be an exclusive Slate Plus benefit. Sign up to start listening to Prudie today.