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Game of Thrones in Real Life

The tourism rush in the show’s Northern Ireland locales.

Game of Thrones is full of breathtaking locales that together make up the show’s unique fantasy world. But in a way, you can also experience Westeros in real life by visiting Northern Ireland, where much of the hit HBO show is filmed.

In this video from Tourism Ireland, which specializes in reminding us that the nation is a backdrop for our favorite movies and TV shows, you can see the show’s filming locations doubling as tourist destinations. Pledge allegiance to House Stark at Winterfell (Castle Ward in real life); walk the Kingsroad, the avenue lined with towering beech trees that Arya Stark travelled in disguise (the Dark Hedges); and take on the Haunted Forest, territory of the White Walkers (Tollymore Forest Park).

Fans can also fully immerse themselves in Westeros by dressing in costume, practicing their archery skills, sitting down to an epic feast, and playing with two direwolves (actually northern Inuit dogs) named Odin and Thor. Visitors might even make it out alive.