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Child’s Dance

How a young girl moved past cancer.

This moving video, produced by the Studio NYC (with music from Hook and Line), launches Scarlett Contra el Cancera new organization for children with cancer. It portrays the sweet, uplifting story of Scarlett, a young amputee whose love of dance helps her overcome the loss of her leg and allows her share what she knows about hope.

Scarlett is a real child, Scarlett Aida Rivero Osejo, who lost her leg at 3 when she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer that mostly affects children. She’ll be 6 in November and is now on her second prosthetic leg.


Scarlett Contra el Cancer is a Miami-based charity whose goal is to support children with cancer and their families, throughout the United States and Latin America. Their mission sprang from visits with Scarlett over the course of her treatment at Miami’s Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. According to the Scarlett Contra el Cancer website, “While in the hospital, we met other children from other countries whose parents had made huge sacrifices in order to bring their children to a place where they would have a better chance to survive.”

The group was founded to help families like these. It provides services from assisting children in acquiring prosthetics to lightening the mood with fun distractions while they’re undergoing difficult treatment.