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Here Is an Instagram Feed of Meryl Streep Photoshopped Into Snack Foods

The first time Meryl Streep has ever been sloppy.

With a sharp eye for color and a steady hand on the blur tool, the artist behind the Taste of Streep Instagram feed has expertly merged snack foods and Meryl Streep into a series of unified, magnificent beings.

The two-month-old feed abounds with images of the star in various stages of her on- and offscreen life, altered to make her lounge in, perch atop, sit on, and otherwise surround herself in delicious treats that perfectly match her outfits. A sequined dress becomes a seaweed sushi-roll wrap; a coral frock folds into strips of bacon; a golden gown goes incognito in a bouquet of churros. The best ones cloak Streep in the food itself: a sour cream dollop, parsley-flecked garlic bread cheese, a cannoli shell. It’s like watching an Applebee’s menu waltz down the Academy’s hall of fame.

When People gave it props early last month, Taste of Streep only had a few thousand followers. Now, more than 29,000 Instagram users subscribe to the account, which only follows one lucky user: the glamorous inspiration for the artworks. The artist, who did not respond to a request for comment, is an adept punster, making it almost possible to enjoy the creations without remembering that Streep thinks racial diversity isn’t all that important because all humans are Africans, after all. Pop some Pizza Rolls in the oven and The Bridges of Madison County in the VCR, and scroll through till guacamole gums up your keyboard.