Did You See This?

Some Like It Hot

A very different view of breakfast.

This video shows the preparation of breakfast in a way we couldn’t see even if we were wide awake. It was made by videographer Scott Sorensen using a thermal camera, so what we see is the heat, and not the reflected ultraviolet light we’re used to.

The meal begins with what looks to be a searing cup of molten metal—or, in actuality, coffee. A splash of creamer into the cup o’ lava—sorry, java—and the day is underway.

Next, it’s time to make some toast—stepping carefully away from what appears to be a thermonuclear appliance, based on the luminous bars of glowing toast. Cool, dark butter is applied.

The stove burner’s flame looks disappointingly normal, but the heat patterns in the pan placed on it are weirdly eye-pleasing. It’s hard to see the omelet’s exact ingredients, but it’s still impressive to watch the stove convert cold, dark matter into heat-emanating orange and yellow stuff. Looking at the meal this way, even washing up afterwards, seems potentially deadly—as if you’d never get back the hands you dared to place under the pair of scalding streams of liquid.

Watch the video and relish the strange, wonderful world of temperature.