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This Video of a Mom Getting Her Kids Dressed for Bed Has 45 Million Views and Counting

A video of a mother getting her 8-month-old triplets and 2-year-old daughter dressed for bed is going viral, already racking up more than 45 million views on Facebook in the past five days.

For more than two minutes, we watch as Canadian mom Corrie Whyte wrangles one child after another into pajamas while simultaneously making sure her other kids don’t fall off the bed. The video is sped up and overlaid with jangly music, making the whole endeavor feel more like a Chaplin-esque folly than the panic-inducing horror show that many parents might otherwise see.

There are nearly 100,000 comments so far. There is praise for Whyte: “That’s one incredible mama!” There are expressions of exhaustion: “I’m very tired just watching this.” And there are cries of relief: “Can you even imagine? Never impregnate me with more than one at a time. Ever.” There’s also a small faction with some practical advice for Whyte that I can endorse 100 percent: “That why baby pj’s should have zippers and not 20 little buttons to clip. Poor mama.” Amen to onesies with zippers! They would shave at least a third of the time off of Whyte’s bedtime routine.