Did You See This?

Paragliding the Northern Lights

A champion glider explores the spectacular aurora borealis.

In the breathtaking video above, we follow paraglider Horacio Llorens’ ascent into the spectacular Northern Lights over Tromsø, Norway.* He dips and soars on frigid currents through nature’s magnetic magic show, the colored lights on his paraglider glowing against the massive green ribbons undulating above him in the starry sky.

Llorens, a five-time World Cup paragliding champion from Spain, is aloft here in subzero weather, wearing an insulating wetsuit and battery-heated gloves, his paramotor launching him from flat frozen ground straight into the Arctic sky.

This jaw-dropping video comes from Red Bull, which makes sense, as Llorens is the type of adrenaline-seeking athlete perfect for the brand’s team. After all, the temperature in Trømso—which is 217 miles north of the Arctic circle—can reach as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s extreme.

Correction, Feb. 23, 2016: This post originally misspelled Tromsø, Norway, as Trømso.