Did You See This?

Meet Nora

The dreaming polar bear cub is now wide awake and cuter than ever.

If the impossibly cute polar bear cub in the video above looks familiar, she should. We watched her tossing and turning in newborn dreams in December. Back then, she didn’t even have a name.

Well, now she does: Nora. At this point, it’s as if we’re watching Nora grow up in real time. She weighed just a pound when she was born at Columbus Zoo on Nov. 5, and is now 18 pounds, growing up to an inch per week. Nora loves to run, gallop, and splash around in her private tub—as one would expect of any adorable young cub The zoo is raising her by hand since her mom wasn’t giving her baby the attention the staff felt she needed.

Nora’s new moniker is a combination of her parents’ names, Nanuk and Aurora. It was selected by 88,061 of her fans voting online from 115 countries around the world. Other names suggested by the zoo’s animal care staff were Kaya (“little but wise”), Sakari (“sweet”), and Desna (“boss”).

Needless to say, the Columbus Zoo is thrilled about the number of people who’ve fallen for their little cub. As CEO Tom Staff said, “We hope that those who have been watching Nora grow will continue to do so throughout her life, and remember that we all have a role to play in protecting wild polar bears for generations to come.”