Did You See This?

First Steps

A disabled young calf realizes she can walk.

The video above tells the story of Trixie, a sweet young calf in Australia. Though Trixie was born with a pair of front legs that couldn’t support her, she had something else going for her: she was taken in by Edgar’s Mission. A sanctuary for rescued farm animals, the organization is clearly very determined to help this loving little animal lead a normal life.

The latex splints they made for Trixie offered part of the solution. It’s not that they made walking easier for the determined calf; they made it possible. On her first day with the braces, she was able to walk on her own for the first time in her life. The look of satisfaction on her face, and the embrace she shared with Pam Ahern, author and the sanctuary’s founder, tells the whole story. They made a world of difference to the calf.

Even with the splints, Trixie’s knees wanted to bow outward and her legs wanted to cross, so the staff also devised a crossbar to hold her legs apart. That fix worked right away. Still, there’s lots of physiotherapy ahead for Trixie as they try to increase her mobility.

Maybe it’s those eyes, or the caresses she clearly loves, but it sure seems like Trixie feels content in the Mission’s warm community of humans and animals. So sweet.