Baby Giraffes Are Gangly, Awkward, and Adorable

Evidence below.

If we’re being honest, giraffes come in at eh on the cuteness scale. They’re cool, sure. Very cool. But they’re basically just brachiosaurus with fur—all neck and legs.

Clearly, though, that only pertains to the adults. Baby giraffes are, we’ve learned, a whole new ballgame. For irrefutable evidence, watch the video above. In it, the San Diego Zoo welcomes a month-old giraffe calf to the herd. And man is that sucker cute. Still all neck and legs, but in a gangly, awkward, baby-deer-in-roller-skates kind of way.

The young male was the fourth calf born to his mother, Nikki. According to his keepers, the little guy has a “brave and confident personality.”

We bet he does.