Did You See This?

Procrastination Illustrated

The never-ending battle to do work, in video form.

A computer’s to-do app exists to keep its user on-task and productive. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing. In the delightfully relatable—and infinitely watchable—video above, by Carmel Gatchalan, human and computer do comic battle over just who it is running the show. It’s the classic tale of procrastination versus productivity, in video form.

Neuroscience suggests to-do lists make us calmer, and it makes sense, logically, that being organized is our best defense against the chaos that can occupy our desks and minds. An entire to-do industry has evolved to keep us on the straight and narrow. A search of “to-do” on the Apple App Store, for instance, gets 136 hits. Sometimes, though, there are days when you’d rather just forget all about it all. The short video is the perfect portrayal of what the battle looks like.