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Florida Man Visits State House, Warns that Abortion Will Destroy “White Culture”

Florida man does not want other races to out-“breed” whites.

A Florida bill that would make abortion a felony punishable by up to 30 years in prison found a passionate supporter at a hearing on Monday: an anti-choice activist who declared that Muslims and Mexicans will eventually destroy “white culture” because white women don’t have many babies, while women of other races have lots of babies.

In what can only be explained as the furtive work of the Sunshine State’s squirrelly antihero Florida Man, the white man’s testimony in front of the Florida House subcommittee on criminal justice began with a warning. “Evil contains with it the seed of its own destruction,” he said. “Do you know the Muslims, they don’t kill their babies?”

His speech was disparaging of what he called “white culture,” which he believes promotes abortion. White women are “outside the home not having babies,” he worried, while the Mexican “race” continues “through the breeding of having families, children.” “[Mexicans] aren’t going to kill their babies,” he said.

By allowing abortions, “we’re destroying ourselves and destroying our families, we’ve accepted something in this country that the Creator — that we’re going to pay for,” the man continued, moving on to condemn the obesity epidemic. “We’re a sick nation.” He concludes by calling Planned Parenthood employees “cold-hearted” and advising Americans to “repent or perish.”

Meanwhile, as this man agonizes over the future of his race being lost to abortion, conservative politicians are using Black Lives Matter rhetoric to feign concern over what they claim is a targeted, racist scheme by abortion providers to get women of color to terminate their pregnancies.

The bill passed a subcommittee vote 8-3.