Did You See This?

A Picnic for Piglets

Rescue piglets. It’s just as adorable as it sounds.

Just because Christmas is over, that doesn’t mean that watching eight piglets named after reindeer is any less essential. The video above is proof.

They’re out on a sunny day at the 153-acre Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuarynamed after founder Pam Ahern’s first rescued pig, Edgar Alan Pigin Victoria, Australia. The mission’s goal is to save animals from factory farms (which are often exempt from animal-welfare laws) and move them into a more humane environment. Based on the piglets, it sure looks like Edgar’s Mission knows what it’s doing.

It’s sweet to watch these lucky little piglets rolling around in the dirt and grabbing well-deserved back scratches. Sounds great, really: a picnic, a fresh beverage—thanks, Mom—and a postprandial nap, featuring the cutest pileup of piglets we’ve ever seen.