Eagle Eye

Amazing POV footage.

Big week for eagles on the Internet. Biggg week. First, Time released footage of a patriotic bald eagle named Uncle Sam snapping at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. That went viral, for obvious reasons.

And now, we have the video above. In it, a white-tailed eagle named Darshun is a particularly good sport, allowing a Sony Action Cam to be strapped to his feathered back. Because of that, we watch as he takes off, soars through the air, and lands on the deck of the SS Rotterdam off the Netherlands—all from his point of view.

Granted, it’s no “Eagle Attacks Bigoted Presidential Candidate,” but the experience of seeing an eagle in flight—from its POV, no less—never gets old. Plus, since it was made in partnership with the nonprofit FREEDOM, the video is for a good cause. FREEDOM is working tirelessly to reintroduce the white-tailed eagle into the French and Swiss Alps, its natural habitat.

So, there you go. Big week for eagles.