The CNN Republican Debate in Under Two Minutes

Everything you missed from the fifth GOP debate.

Skip Tuesday’s Republican debate? Have no fear—we got you. In the video above, we slimmed down what was, admittedly, a bit of a slog—sorry, Wolf—into an easily digestible two-minute dose of Republican discourse.

From the combative, but substantive, debate between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio about everything from ISIS to immigration, to the at-times childish bickering between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump over poll numbers, it was a night indicative of the increased contentiousness of the Republican primary.

And if you’re wondering about Christie, Carson, Paul, Fiorina, et al—they were there, on the outskirts, lobbing the occasional rhetorical grenade, unwilling to admit what everyone else is starting to realize: this thing is settling into a three horse race.