Did You See This?

Santa’s Dogs

An uncanny yuletide pet-food ad returns.

It takes a certain dogged determination required for Santa’s elves to churn out all of those toys for Christmas Eve, and this video proves it. I hope it won’t give my five-year-old nightmares about elves.

The Internet has plenty of canines with weird human arms and hands sitting at tables, eating or reading—the hands, of course, belong to owners hiding out of camera view. The effect can be uncanny in its realism and either delightfully odd or downright scary, depending on your perspective.

For the second year in a row, Freshpet has a holiday commercial that takes this illusion to a whole other level of madness. It expertly brings out the overworked humanity from a bunch of sweet, fuzzy pups. The single cat in the clip is clearly up to no good.

Every pooch in the video has a face full of personality, along with impressive gesture work to convey each pup’s demeanor. If you had to keep track of the naughty-or-nice list, your tongue might be hanging out, too. And given the demands of the season, a bulldog can be forgiven for taking a little nip. Sorry, having a little nip. At least St. Nick rewards his workers with treats. Too bad about that cat with the drone and annoying toy car.

As you might imagine, making the commercial was quite the challenge. And the best kind of Christmas chaos.