2015: A Year in Numbers

A statistical breakdown of some of the year’s most compelling stories.

Revelers fill Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2014 in New York City. 

Photo by Andrew Theodorakis/Getty Images

Things happen over the course of a year. Many things. Some are fickle, some compelling, some downright newsworthy. And it can be hard to quantify the hold that these things have on our national consciousness. It would be, of course, impossible to break down each and every noteworthy topic and story that got attention in 2015 on a statistical basis. So, we decided to take a closer look at just a few of the year’s most compelling stories. In the videos below, spanning from the inane (Deflategate) to the highly-politicized (Planned Parenthood), are some of 2015’s juiciest storylines, broken down by the numbers.


Planned Parenthood:

Marriage equality:

Economic growth:

Tech unicorns:

Police-related shootings:

Capital punishment: