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How Raunchy Will Hillary Clinton Get on Broad City?

Skyping-during-sex raunchy? Peeing out a condom raunchy?

Photo via Twitter

The kweens of dirty goofball comedy hung out with the would-be leader of the free world on Thursday, and next year, we’ll all get to watch. Hillary Clinton and Broad City tweeted a couple of teasers today about the candidate’s guest appearance in show’s third season, which premieres Feb. 17 on Comedy Central.

It looks like Clinton got to wear her own outfit on the show—she donned the same green jacket on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night. Along with Amy Poehler, who played Clinton on SNL and is a Broad City executive producer, Clinton seems convincingly cozy with Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, which is a good look for her. The Berniebros, bless their hearts, think it’s a bad look for the TV series.

This isn’t Clinton’s first at-bat in the delicate game of trying to be at once stately, authentic, and cool. Last week, she attempted to prove her grasp of pop music in a bizarre essay for Billboard; in October, she appeared in a much-lauded Saturday Night Live skit to play a bartender opposite Kate McKinnon’s version of Clinton. Her interview on Buzzfeed’s Another Round podcast was charming and laden with pop-culture references.

But Broad City is no Ellen-run dance-off or friendly House of Cards spoof. The show’s comedy hinges on out-there plotlines about sex, drugs, and snaking pubic hair out of shower drains. So, just how raunchy will the candidate’s episode be? Masturbating-in-the-mirror raunchy? Committing-“reverse rapism”- raunchy? Boning-a-dude-with a dildo raunchy? Going-down-on-a-doppelbänger raunchy? It’ll be hard for Clinton to insert herself into any of Jacobson and Glazer’s scripts without conferring a tacit endorsement of pegging, bong-ripping, or other such Broad City–worthy behavior. That might be a dealbreaker for some, but for me, that’s downright presidential.