Smooth Criminal

Meet the hoverboard-riding energy drink thief evading U.K. police.

Just when you thought so-called hoverboards couldn’t get any more annoying and should be collectively thrown into a fire, the above video comes around and changes everything. Eighteen seconds of magic, and all is totally forgiven.

I kid, I kid. Theft is wrong and should never be condoned. And those things are still the worst.

But, but, watch the video. Watch as the suspect in question (who should totally be turned in to the Metropolitan Police, per their request) agilely glides into a south London convenience store, swipes a box of Lucozade—an energy drink, apparently—does a sort of board-bound pirouette, and then cruises out of the store, disappearing into the dark of night.

Stealing is bad. And anyone with information on this particular theft should report it to the proper authorities. But credit where credit is due: that was smooth.