Did You See This?

Around the World in 337 One-Second Shots

A family’s unique video of their global travels.

The video above is the eye-popping result of a 333-day, around-the-world trek Tom Fassbender took with his American family of four.  The trip began in Los Angeles before heading off to Costa Rica and 35 other countries over the course of a year.

The original plan for the video was to include one second for each day of the project. Things is, on some days, not much happened, while on other days, lots of things did. So the final product is actually made up of 337 snippets from all over the globe.

Fassbender created a website, Taking on the World, so that anyone who knew of the family’s journey could follow along. Even though the trip, sponsored by Backcountry and Goal Zero, is now over, the site is still a lot of fun. It lists Fassbender as “director of organizational efficiency” on the trip, while his wife was vice president of travel and lodging, and their two daughters were master of coin and travel auditor, respectively. Everyone has a blog describing their own experiences.

The video has many moments that suggest life’s pretty much the same no matter where you are. But then these are interspersed with scenes that are so unusual and fascinating you find yourself thinking, as Liz Lemon famously said, “I want to go to there.”