Evil Puppies Romp With Carly Fiorina in Bizarre Footage

Demon sheep, part deux.

Back in 2010, Carly Fiorina made campaign-ad history when she offered up the infamous “demon sheep” ad, a political hit job so profoundly and dementedly weird that nobody could fathom how it could have happened. Fiorina was trying to win the California Senate GOP primary, and had somehow managed to convince herself that a three-and-a-half-minute commercial aimed at her Republican primary opponent, Tom Campbell, was the ticket. It featured apocalyptic sheep with glowing red demon eyes. The idea seemed to be that demon wolves lurked everywhere, dressed in benign fuzz and pretending to be fiscal conservatives. Or something.


Fast forward to 2015, when Fiorina—again behind in the polls, this time for the GOP presidential nomination—decided that what she needed is more fluffy white terror. The new video, just released as part of a series created by IJ Review (designed to show presidential candidates in “humorous or self-deprecating situations”), features Fiorina alternately ordering staff to feed her a line, gazing vacantly into the wrong camera, or attempting to convince voters that Obama once ate dog meat.

The whole thing’s pretty weird, and a bit terrifying. Still, we at Slate felt it lacked a little something. But what? What? Ah, right.

We fixed it. You’re welcome.