Did You See This?

Studio Apartment

An exuberant one-man band with a GoPro shows how it’s done.

In the video above, Keith Peskosky—we never see his face, only his hands—reveals himself to be an irrepressible musician, one instrument at a time. He’s got on a head-mounted GoPro camera, and he’s using the Looper module in Ableton Live, music-production software he’s running on his computer. A looper is a recording device that lets a player record a short phrase and then layer other parts on top, ad infinitum. Some talented people have ridden loopers to fame, like singer-guitarists Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall. Loopers are a tremendous amount of fun.

We’d say Peskosky’s recording includes everything but the kitchen sink, but that’s exactly where he starts. From there he progresses to the faucets, the silverware drawer, and some upside-down cookware before venturing further into his apartment. The place is undeniably a mess, but who cares? Look at all the sounds it makes.

Once he’s got his rhythm track in place, Peskosky removes a couch pillow to reveal—a ha!—a guitar, and away he goes. By the time he’s done, he’s added trumpet, lots more percussion, a synthesizer piano sound, and, inside a closet, a couple of catchy harmonized vocal tracks. He ends up on his full drum kit, which is obviously his main dojo from the masterful way he rocks it.

And, voila, a monster beat is born.