Did You See This?

On a Wingsuit and a Prayer

What it’s like to soar down a French mountainside, from three breathtaking angles.

As Graham Dickinson tears down through a canyon and trees in the video above yelling “Viva la France!,” I began to yell something myself: “No, no, no.”   

What we’re actually seeing is three heart-pounding GoPro videos of the same flight in Chamonix, France, stitched together. (Dickinson is seen holding a fourth camera in his hand, but that footage is MIA.)

First is a view of Dickinson shot from behind by his friend Dario Zanonfront. That’s followed, a little less than a minute in, by video from a GoPro mounted on the front of Dickinson’s helmet. Finally, just before the 2:00 mark, there’s a rear-helmet cam, through which you can see Zanonfront in the puffed-out wingsuit that has him seemingly hanging in the sky like some kind of oversized bat. It may look like he’s not moving, but of course he’s going the same crazy speed as Dickinson and maintaining a consistent distance from him.

Beautiful spot, great weather, awesome cameras, and two fearless athletes ready to put on a spectacular show. I’m happy.