Did You See This?

Motorbike Jet Ski

We repeat: motor bike jet ski.

As the video above shows, you could be cruising down the highway on this motorbike and straight into a flood zone. No problem: You just speed straight into the deluge on your… biski! (Bike + jet ski. Get it?)

This delightfully pointless Bondian vehicle looks as if it comes straight out of MI6, but really, it comes from the real company Gibbs Sports Amphibians. Even so, it’s geeky-cool enough to be fictional.

According to Gibbs’ Biski page, the vehicle transitions from a top land speed of 80 miles per hour to a top water speed of 37 miles per hour (32.15 knots) in just five seconds. The hog-boat weighs in at 503 pounds and runs on standard gas. The price? It’s listed on the site as “TBD + shipping.”

Alas, it appears the Biski isn’t quite ready for primetime yet. The brochure and spec sheet, for example, lead to placeholder images. For the sake of your inner 15-year-old—and for those rare occasions on which you really need to drive through a flood—you might want to keep an eye on the Biski site from the safety of the futuristic red tubular home in the video.