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Tampons With Googly Eyes Are Dancing Their Way Onto Swedish Kids’ TV. Your Move, Disney.

Ah, periods. As normal and natural as this bodily function is, it has the seemingly unstoppable power to make some people—even some grown-ass men—quake in fear. But not the Swedes, some of whom are willing to bet that even their children can handle the idea of menstruation. They just need all the facts—delivered by a chipper young man singing with a ukulele, alongside dancing tampons with googly eyes wearing hats.

A video clip featuring all the aforementioned amenities will air Friday on Swedish children’s channel Barnkanalen. In the beginning, the upbeat ditty seems to speak to young boys specifically, addressing girls as “they.” But a rap break later on directly encourages girls not to feel insecure about their periods. And in the end, we see our charming vocalist casually winking next to a red-dipped tampon. The message is cheerful and simple: Periods are healthy, and should be no cause for shame. The topic and blunt approach of this video might raise a few parents’ eyebrows, as did another video that aired on Barnkanalen earlier this year—one that featured a bunch of dancing dongs and vaginas. But, as this song reminds us all, “Show a little patience—it is just a little blood.”