Stephen Colbert Has Problems With That Gay Campbell’s Soup Ad

Last week, I shared the news that Campbell Soup had, as part of a product integration campaign with Star Wars, released a new ad featuring a couple of gay dads feeding chicken soup to their son, Darth Vader and Chewie impressions included. Predictably, the inclusiveness of the spot angered anti-gay religious fundamentalists, including One Million Moms, a group that can often be found policing the content of commercials. On Tuesday night’s episode of the Late Show, Stephen Colbert joined in their criticism of the ad—but not quite for the same reasons.

While Colbert’s dumb dad shtick around not being able to treat his kids with as much cutesy attention as the papas in the ad was fun, the best line picked up on the selective logic often present in these kinds of moral outrages: “One Million Moms are furious that Campbell’s is being associated with gay men. Psst. Nobody tell them about Andy Warhol.”